A Long Way From Equestria (Orchestral Cover) (Original by MandoPony)

Feeling generous? Donate here! www.paypal.com ALL donations go to software and equipment to make better music for you all! Here's an Orchestral rendition of MandoPony's, "A Long Way From Equestria" It truly is an amazing song and I engourage all of you to check out he original here! www.youtube.com Don't forget to check out the Long Way From Equestria Project! www.youtube.com EQUESTRIA DAILY LINK! www.equestriadaily.com Thank you so much to MandoPony, not only for creating an amazing song, but also for letting me upload my rendition. It means alot! Why Luna? Well, she's my favourite Princess, aside from Trixie whom is my favourite pony, and I thought that this picture would fit perfectly to this song! URL for Picture -- www.fanpop.com Cheers!