Black Ops 2 w/ Horses, Avengers Deleted Scene, & The Hobbit's Frame Rate Fix - Up At Noon

Today, the immortal Adam Sessler stops by the studio to offer up a unique brand of Story Time. Also, Brian Altano talks about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's bold new direction, The Hobbit's frame rate controversy hits new heights and Greg fantasizes about his deleted Avengers scene. And finally, LightBox Interactive's Dylan Jobe stops by to talk about his new PS3 game, Starhawk, and the trials and tribulations of breaking the third-person shooter mold. If you liked today's episode, please hit the like button. We have more original programming on the way, so subscribe and never miss an episode: And for the latest gaming news, reviews, and trailers, be sure to subscribe to IGN's YouTube channel: Here's our full schedule: Up At Noon -- Mondays Splinter Cell: Extinction - Tuesdays Cheap Cool Crazy - Thursdays Mix'd Reviews - Fridays