Brainwork - City Lights

Brainwork is Uwe Saher, a German musician playing electronic music in its broadest sense. His music could be classified as classical electronic music, a combination of Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Christopher Franke and Vangelis. With the emphasis varying. "City Lights" is from Uwe's excellent album "City Lights " ( 2011 ) Brainwork's other project is "Element 4", which puts the emphasis on dance and trance music. Uwe Saher redeems himself and comes fill my ears with a splendid opus. City Lights is a charming and enchanting album where Uwe Saher slips his suit of Brainwork to concoct minimalist rhythms which juxtapose and piles up into fine meshing worth of the bewitching and hypnotic Berlin School movements. The Berlin synthesist floods our ears with suave rhythms and atmospheres so diversified as jazz, synth-pop and soft techno which bind themselves in sinuous hypnotic, sometimes dynamic but especially mesmerizing movements. City Lights soaks into contemporary Berlin School where rhythms and sequences keep pace with melodious dreamlike, romantic and melancholic structures. A great album which listens with ears well opened to get all the fine subtleties of the minimalist rhythms.