Break and Cake shoot - Stop Motion

A stop motion animation made from behind the scenes pics of a test photo shoot for the ideas bakery/pout! productions. We took lot's of pics of the shoot and stitched them together - the photography in this is by the talented David Mortley Green. Here are the credits; Photographer: Paul Blundell Art Director/Production: Lornsadaisy Stylist: Dionne Thomas aka Puckoo Make up: Pinxie (Jay Turnbul)l & Sam Walker Assistants: David Mortley Green and Alex Ford MODELS: Hayley Karen Greenwood, Hollie Robertson, Ian Powis, John O'Grady, Sonia Mekni, Victoria Joy Wade, Tomi Armani, Carly Allen, Marek Minarik, Edwina Hardy, Lornsadaisy