Dead Can Dance - Amnesia Dead Can Dance (Brendan Perry & Lisa Gerrard) - Amnesia Album: Anastasis, 2012 Lyrics: Saw the demonstration On remembrance day Lest we forget the lesson Enshrined in funeral clay History is never written By those who've lost The defeated must bear witness to Our collective memory loss With every generation comes Another memory lapse See the demonstrations of Failing to learn from our past We live in the dreamtime Nothing seems to last Can you really plan a future When you no longer have a past Memories fall from the trees Amnesia Memories like autumn leaves If we are subject to Empirical minds I wonder what lies beyond Our memory's confines If memory is the true Sum of who we are May your children know the truth And shine like the brightest star Memory, help me see Amnesia Memory, set me free All my love and all my kisses Sweet Mnemosyne All my love and all my kisses Sweet Mnemosyne Sweet Mnemosyne