Empire Of The Sun - Half Mast (Lyrics on screen)

Band/Artist(s) - Empire Of The Sun. Band members - Luke Steele (Of "The Sleepy Jackson") & Nick Littlemore (Of "Pnau") respectfully. Music type - By wikipedia description Empire Of The Sun are "Australian electro music", "Synthrock", "Synthpop". Location - Both members of "Empire Of The Sun" are originally from Australia. Upload info - This song is by "Empire Of The Sun" which is straight from their debut album "Walking on a dream", this song is called "Half Mast", I simply uploaded it with their lyrics using "Windows Movie Maker" because I find this & their entire album extremely catchy, and I personally wish to promote them further as they still aren't known exceptionally well in my country & many other locations. Empire Of The Sun are currently signed to EMI Australia & Virgin UK. I personally own no part of their music and or music video's, all rites are to above mentioned company's. This is my very first upload to YouTube, and I have no editing skills what so ever, so if I've screwed up...give me a break lol. Enjoy! :D