Friendship Is Magic - At The Gala (Instrumental Orchestra)

Picture by Shutterflye: Sheet music by Versilaryan! I kindly used parts of the midi found here, it sounds beautiful, so go listen to it =) Original At The Gala instrumental.. So pretty MP3 Hello everyone, I apologize for taking so long, but I was really unsure of what to do with this one. The instrumental is already so beautiful. However, there are a lot of background instruments that aren't (easily) heard by most people, and one of my goals was to let those come out more. My first attempt at this song was almost finished, then I decided to scrap it because I wasn't happy with it.. I ragequit for a while afer that, and a little later I decided to start again from scratch, and this is the result! My PC was starting to show it's age during the making of this, I guess I'll have to consider upgrading pretty soon! Also, I finally learned what compression and stereo imaging does! Oh, and I'm considering making a vocal version as well, but if somepony else would like to beat me to it, please go ahead! Also HOLY MOLY 1000 SUBS WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN