Grid Power Energy Storage Requires Vanadium - The Future Tech St Grid scale energy storage systems like the vanadium flow or redox battery is necessary for renewable energy storage independence. Why invest in Vanadium? What is Vanadium? Vanadium has been vital to industry as a steel strengthener since the first Model-T rolled off the assembly line. Today vanadium is poised to take on another critical role in battery applications. Vanadium redox flow batteries used for grid-scale mass energy storage will enable the renewable energy sector and improve the efficiency of the nation's power grid. Adding vanadium to the cathode of lithium ion batteries greatly increases the power density/range and safety of electric cars. American Vanadium Corp. is developing America's only domestic vanadium mine in Eureka, Nevada. The unique geology of the deposit allows for the production of battery-grade vanadium at very low-cost. By offering sureness of vanadium supply and price this mine will accelerate the development and deployment of vanadium battery technologies.