I Print Myself (TGIF May 2010)

The UWCSE Band is a computer science parody rock band composed of grad students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. We perform mostly at department events, and our music makes fun of anything and everything relating to computer science, programming, and life as a grad student. This video is from the spring TGIF we hosted on May 28, 2010. As of spring 2010, the band consists of: Alex Colburn (lead guitar) Laura Effinger-Dean (vocals) Andrew Guillory (bass guitar, vocals) Natalie Linnell (keyboard, vocals) Kristi Morton (drums, vocals) Lyrics: Automata ain't got nothing on me And context free, that's far too easy I'm so complex, I need a Turing machine Cause I'm a quine, and you know what that means I'm not just your standard if then else When you execute me I print myself Oh I'm not just your standard if then else Oh no, oh no, oh no I don't serve a practical purpose But I believe I'm worth your time Don't you want to tell your coworkers, "Hey look, I wrote a quine" A Turing machine That's universal Means there's a quine In C or in Perl It's not just A rule of thumb My existence is proved By the fixed-point theorem Chorus I'm one short line if you write me in Haskell A blank C file That quine is trivial Some like them short Or with obfuscation A perfect tool For procrastination Chorus I print me I don't print anything else And when you execute me I print myself QUIN EEEEEEEEE Chorus