Karla DeVito - TALK TO ME IN FRENCH! (8 of 11)

Karla DeVito's 1982 MTV Rockin' New Years concert!!!! TALK TO ME IN FRENCH! written by Karla DeVito and the incredible Ned Claflin. (First recorded by NO SISTERS, the fabulous '80's Tim, Tom, Dave, and Pete Barrett Bros. band from San Francisco). Fabulous COOL WORLD TOUR band: Robert Medici - drums, Jeff Southworth - guitar, Russ Shirley - guitar, Jim Ryan - bass, Jim Lang - keyboards. "You know it drives me wild... don't care about gender -- no past or present tense -- just talk, talk, talk to me in French!! Ooooh lalal!!!" (Who had more fun than Karla?!!! Je ne regrette rien!!!!!!)