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Blog: Kotakoti.com twitter.com/dakotakoti 1st: Vivienne Westwood Cardigan Fredericks of Hollywood plaid corset (Skirt was my sister's from when she was thirteen) 2nd: Top is by Milk Skirt custom made Shoes by Office 3rd: Button up by Ralph Lauren Kids Cardigan (cannot remember. will check the tag) Skirt by Ralph Lauren Kids 4th: Abercrombie lace cardigan Blouse: (do not remember o_o) Shorts: Ralph Lauren Kids 4th: Cardigan: Armani Skirt: Ralph Lauren kids (I'm pretty sure? either that or VW) I remember these socks! They are by Guess. 5th: Dress by Liz Lisa 6th: Top by Milk Shorts also from Milk but they run super big so I got them tailored.