Miller Anderson - Shadows 'Cross My Wall [Bright City] 1971

Miller Anderson - Shadows 'Cross My Wall [Bright City] 1971 Born April 12, 1945, Houston, Scotland, United Kingdom Member of The British Blues Quintet, Chicken Shack, Dog Soldier, Keef Hartley Band, Hemlock, Savoy Brown, Spencer Davis Group, T. Rex, The Voice, The Pete York Percussion Band 1971 Bright City Miller Anderson recorded his first solo album, Bright city, in 1971, soon after he left Keef Hartley Band. That's why we can find here many of his bandmates here: the late Gary Thain, who later joined Uriah Heep, Mick Weaver and Dino Dines. It's a fantastic and very fine album. Band Members : Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals) Neil Hubbard (guitar, later with Roxy Music) Gary Thain (bass, from Keef Hartley Band) Mick Weaver (keyboards, from Keef Hartley Band) Dino Dines (keyboards, from Keef Hartley Band) Harold Beckett (horns) Lyn Dobson (flute) Eric Dillon (drums) Madeline Bell (backing vocals) Liza Strike (backing vocals) Tracy Miller (backing vocals)