ORGANISATION - TONE FLOAT (Complete album).wmv

This is the first and only album by Organisation, the band that evolved into the phenomenon known as Kraftwerk. "Tone Float" from 1970 has been a rare sought-after album amongst Kraftwerk collectors. Although the album has never had an official CD release (and probably never will since the original master tapes are now lost), bootleg CDs taken from the original vinyl have shown up regularly over the years. The audio in this video is taken from a bootleg CD which has very audible vinyl surface noise but is still highly listenable and enjoyable. A great piece of Kraftwerk history. 1.Tone Float 2.Milk Rock 3.Silver Forest 4.Rhythm Salad 5.Noitainagro Organisation is: Ralf Hutter (Organ) Florian Schneider (Electric Flute, Alto Flute, Electroviolin, Bell, Triangle, Tambourine) Basil Hammoudi (Voice, Glockenspeil, Congas, Gong, Musical Box, Bongos) Butch Hauf (Bass Guitar, Shaky Tube, Small Bells, Plastic Hammer) Alfred Monicks (Drums, Bongos, Maracas, Cowbell, Tambourine) All credit goes to Organisation for creating this music.