ROCKETEER - Far East Movement - Cover by Adam Barreira & Andy Do

...with you right here, I'm a rocketeer. Sooo Andy stayed over for the night, and we thought we'd do a quick cover of this song while we had the time. Hope you enjoy it. The verse was written in like 15 minutes so don't take it toooooo seriously. Anywho, give it a listen! :) Peace & love, Adam :) Verse 1 Lyrics: Call me Columbus, the first man on the moon Such a beautiful sight, but got nothin' on you. I'm so close to breathing but I don't do the things that world would never expect you to see, Girl, just look at us now Got the world in our hands as we sit on the clouds So proud to see, my future wife to be Now drop a chorus like they knew how its supposed to be.