Sukisho - Torn

"If you love me you will find me." The repeated refrain from the end of the song was what really drove this video into being. I wanted to explore the relationship between Sora and Sunao without their alternate selves Yoru and Ran getting in the way. While most of the lyrics match Sora's past and struggle to regain his lost memory, the refrain is Sunao, left behind in Sora's missing past, the great mistake that Sora must confront in order to overcome Aizawa's control. This video originally premiered at the Yaoi-Con 2005 AMV Contest. Since then I've gotten my hands on dvd-quality footage and done a clip-by-clip remaster of the video. The song is "Torn", by Seabound. This video contains spoilers for the entire Sukisho anime series.